ias vision kolkata

ias vision kolkata

ias vision kolkata

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Admission at ias vision is given based on issues such as prior level of preparation , level of comfort with regards to the language of communication ,etc. Various courses are run according to the following schedule 
FOUNDATION PROGRAMME : Duration 12 months , CLASSES- One day per week ( for those who have cleared 10+2 but still more than 18 months away from appearing at the exam , programme will strengthen writing and communication skills ).
FOUNDATION CUM PRELIMS CUM MAINS : DURATION- 14 MONTHS,2 CLASSES A DAY, 3 DAYS A WEEK ( programme will be exhaustive in content covering all relevant areas in complete detail , with writing practice sessions , and endless surprise and full length mock tests ).
ONLY PRELIMINARY: duration 4 months ( classes + materials + test series )
ONLY MAINS: duration 6 months ( classes +study materials+ test series )


  1. can you please send or publish details of FOUNDATION PROGRAMME FOR 2016.

    1. programme has been published , call to get details.